The largest heritage museum in the UAE opens in Dubai.

The largest heritage museum in the UAE has opened in Dubai, with a goal of drawing over a million visitors by 2025. Al Shindagha Museum will display the history of the emirate across 20 pavilions, giving viewers a glimpse into its development over time.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, claimed that Dubai has consistently been a commerce hub, particularly for people looking for a better life. He added that they want the world to be aware of the emirate’s history and background.

Vice President was given a tour of the museum’s various parts as well as an overview of the exhibits in the section on the Al Maktoum House. In this part, the 19th-century leadership of Dubai is highlighted through significant judgements and historical initiatives.

The museum also provides chances for development projects and investments that are directly related to heritage and culture. It provides numerous services for increasing the overall visiting experience.

Here is the list of sections at the Al Shindagha Museum:

Dubai Creek – Birth of a City
People and Faith
Emerging City
Perfume House
Traditional Crafts
Beauty and Adornment
Traditional Jewellery
Traditional Healthcare
Children House
Culture of the Sea
Community Hall
Life on Land
Traditional Food House
Poetry House
Al Maktoum Residence

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