The largest automaker in Pakistan sets a new record for production.

Pak Suzuki Motor Corporation (PSMC) has made a name for itself as the unchallenged champion of compact automobiles over the years. Suzuki continues to hold the top spot in the automotive industry by market share despite recent poor sales and production.

By achieving a new production milestone, the manufacturer has solidified its position even further. The consistently dependable reported that Suzuki has produced 2.5 million vehicles in Pakistan over the course of more than 40 years, citing an update from an authorised dealership.


The output total, according to the article, only includes four-wheelers. Suzuki’s success has been greatly attributed to its affordable vehicles, particularly the Mehran before 2019 and the Alto afterward. The company’s line-up also includes other vehicles with well-known brands as Cultus, Bolan, Wagon R, etc.

Suzuki has noticed a sharp fall in both production and sales in recent months. The company sold fewer than 1,000 units in February. Just 44 Alto units were sold in the preceding month, which negatively impacted the company’s overall sales.

The forecast for the automotive industry appears gloomy given the current situation of the economy.

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