The King is Dead! Suzuki Sold Less than 50 Altos in January

Car sales have dropped off a cliff as a result of the auto industry’s recent struggles. According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) monthly sales data, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) was the primary victim of these irregularities.

PSMC sold only 44 Alto units last month, making it one of the month’s worst sellers. In comparison, the automaker sold 3,864 Alto units in December 2022. This is especially intriguing given that the company has sold approximately 5,000 Altos every month for the past year and a half.

PSMC experienced multiple non-production days (NPDs) in the last few months, which hampered sales of all of its vehicles. The Wagon R was the company’s best-selling vehicle in January, with only 671 units sold.

PSMC sold only 2,946 units last month, a 74% decrease month over month (MoM) from January. Given recent increases in car and fuel prices, as well as production cuts, this downward trend is likely to continue.

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