The Islamabad Police will grant overseas Pakistanis permanent driver’s licences.

Driving Licence in Punjab Requires Six Months of Training .

Pakistani expats will now receive permanent driver’s licences from the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP).

A facility for this purpose is being built by the department at the new Traffic Head Office in Faizabad, according to a media report.

Police claim that Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah urged the police head to hasten the system’s completion and implementation after recommending it as a way to assist Pakistanis living abroad.

He stated that the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Islamabad and the Capital Police Officer (CPO) Safe City will be in charge of the inauguration of the contemporary system in mid-May. According to a police spokesperson, the ICTP is modernising public services to assist Pakistanis living abroad.

After having their records verified, abroad Pakistanis possessing international driver’s licences can now easily obtain an Islamabad driving licence, according to IGP Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan of Islamabad.

Applicants must finish a brief training course before being granted a licence, and their driver’s licences will be renewed online via biometric verification. When discussing this development with the media, IGP said:

These creative ideas will especially help women and foreign nationals.


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