The Islamabad Healthcare Authority has reduced dengue test charges.

The Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) has taken steps to ensure that private healthcare institutions do not overcharge customers for dengue NS1 and Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests.

In response to expert and government warnings of a likely increase in dengue cases in the coming months, the IHRA has set a maximum charge of Rs. 1,800 for the NS1 test and Rs. 100 for the CBC test.

In an official notification issued on Wednesday, the IHRA encouraged all private hospitals, labs, and collecting centres to adhere to these limitations until December 31, 2023.


The notification further stated that any laboratory performing the NS1 test for dengue must identify the brand and model of the machine used, the reagents/kits used, and the test’s specific batch number.

To ensure compliance, the IHRA requires all private hospitals, laboratories, and collecting centres to publish their dengue test rates, and patients are encouraged to file any concerns with the IHRA.

Inspection teams will also be monitoring the labs doing these tests, and any violations may result in penalties, sealing, registration revocation, or even jail time.

Dr Quaid Saeed, CEO of IHRA, highlighted the importance of implementing these directives as soon as possible and disseminating them to all relevant stakeholders, including district administration.



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