The Increase in Clothing and Accessory Prices in Pakistan During Eid

Eid is a significant religious holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Eid-related customs include dressing in new clothes and accessories, which are viewed as a means to respect the celebration.

However, because prices tend to rise during the Eid season, some people in Pakistan find it difficult to buy new apparel and accessories.

This post will analyse the contributing factors and offer advice on where to find more cost-effective solutions for apparel and accessories in Pakistan during Eid.


The Causes of the Eid Price Increase

One of the main reasons for the Eid price hike is the high demand for brand-new garments and accessories. Many people in Pakistan lay up money throughout the year specifically for the purpose of purchasing new clothing and accessories during Eid. Due to the increased demand for these products, their prices are constantly increased.

The cost of production has a significant impact on price growth in addition to the high demand. Pakistan is home to a number of clothing manufacturers and designers that employ pricey materials and skilled craftspeople to embroider and create clothing with lovely patterns. The total cost of the clothes includes the price of both these parts and the labour.

Furthermore, price increases during Eid may be influenced by inflation, shipping, and logistical costs. Retailers and manufacturers pass on these expenses to consumers in the form of higher prices when the cost of labour, raw materials, and transportation rises.


Finding Cheaper Alternatives

Even if prices rise around Eid, there are still methods to find affordable clothing and accessories. Shopping for items that are not extensively advertised is one strategy. Halwar kameez and kurtas are examples of traditional attire that is typically less expensive than trendy clothing. Shopping at neighbourhood markets and bazaars can also be a great way to get inexpensive clothing and accessories because many retailers and manufacturers have sales and promotions throughout Eid.

Finding affordable solutions also requires setting aside money for a budget and doing advance planning. By making a budget and saving money throughout the year, you can prevent overspending and make sure you have enough cash to buy the items you need. It is frequently a wise move to comparison shop and shop around before making a purchase. To obtain the most value for your money during Eid, it is essential to take advantage of the discounts and special offers that many retailers and manufacturers give.



In conclusion, even though some Pakistanis might struggle to pay for clothing and accessories during Eid, this should not detract from the joy and spirit of the occasion. By purchasing wisely, controlling our spending, and remembering the holiday’s true significance, we can make sure that we celebrate Eid in a way that is both meaningful and practical. The true essence of Eid is not in the clothes and accessories we wear, but in the love, compassion, and generosity that we share with one another.




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