The governor proposes a minimum wage of Rs. 50,000 despite inflation.

In the upcoming provincial government budget, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has suggested increasing the minimum pay for workers to Rs. 50,000 due to the uncontrollable inflation in the nation. At a Monday press conference held at the Governor House, he put out this suggestion.

Previously, Labor Minister Saeed Ghani advocated for an increase in the minimum wage while speaking before the Sindh Assembly, saying that it should be at least Rs. 44,000 per month.

The excessive inflation that is affecting both the general public and government employees and their families has Governor Tessori concerned. He stated that he intended to write to the Sindh Chief Minister (CM) suggesting a 30 to 35 percent pay increase for public employees.

Tessori recognised that the rising cost of necessities had put middle-class households in a difficult situation. Additionally, he claimed that low-income families had little defence against rising prices.


The governor asked for a price-control authority for the municipal agency administrators in Sindh. He warned that dealers and store owners who made excessive profits during Ramadan would face severe legal consequences.

He also suggested that after touring wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, the government create a brand-new food pricing list within the next 48 hours. Despite the fact that the province’s fruit production has reduced as a result of recent flooding, Tessori emphasised that the situation should not be exploited by charging exorbitant rates for fruits.

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