The government will begin the largest paid internship programme in Pakistan for 60,000 youth.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Development Initiatives have been launched by the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives with the goal of assisting the country’s youth, who make up 64% of the total population.

The PM’s Youth Laptop Program, the Ba-Ikhtiyar Naujawan Internship Program, the Establishment of Seerat Chairs, the Launching of Sub Campuses of Public Sector Universities in the Least Developed Districts of Pakistan, the Youth Skills Training Program, the Young Development Fellowship Program, and the Seven Center are just a few of the 15 programmes that will be launched on March 21 as part of the schemes.

Since taking office in April 2022, the Planning Minister has been vigorously pursuing these measures. Many initiatives were launched by the planning minister between 2013 and 2017 under the 2025 vision. Nonetheless, some of the initiatives that the previous administration had halted have now been resumed.

The Minister declared that giving such facilities to the nation’s youth so they might flourish in their respective sectors was the government’s top priority. The Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to giving such incentives to young people, who have unluckily become more divided in recent years.

The largest internship programme in Pakistan, Prime Minister’s Ba-Ikhtiyar Naujawan, aims to give young people economic independence. By providing 60,000 paid internships to recent graduates across Pakistan, the initiative is working towards this goal.

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