The government wants to establish a special task force to combat anti-Pakistan Army social media campaigns.

An official source claims that the federal government is thinking about creating a special task force to keep track of social media campaigns against the Pakistani army.

Officers from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the National Database and Registration Authority (NDRA), and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will make up the proposed task force (NADRA). The police and other law enforcement agencies would be in favour of it.

The task force’s main objectives would be to stop social media abuse and rein in anti-army efforts. The concept hasn’t been confirmed as a plan yet and is currently seeking approval.

Following the martyrdom of six army officers in a helicopter crash in Balochistan in August 2022, the military severely disapproved of false propaganda and offensive remarks on social media, necessitating the creation of such a task group.

The FIA formed a team to track down and apprehend people responsible for the social media anti-army activities in reaction.

The FIA has reportedly discovered 8 TikTok accounts, 44 Twitter accounts, and more than 50 Facebook accounts that are allegedly launching anti-army operations on social media, according to a representative from the Interior Ministry.

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