The government forbids the use of inefficient and outdated light bulbs

As part of its effort to preserve the economy by reducing energy use, the government has formally outlawed the use of obsolete, high-electricity using bulbs and other lighting.

This action aims to perhaps save 1,800MW of electricity. An official notification concerning this has been released by the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA).

According to NEECA, Pakistan presently produces over 2.1 million 100W light bulbs annually. Authorities would save Rs. 24 billion a year with the aforementioned regulation on outdated and inefficient lighting, and new lights that utilise up to 12W of electricity will become standard.

The government will start outlawing the production and sale of traditional fans on July 1st, 2023, according to the Authority. Relevantly, the government plans to swap out the old fans for new, energy-efficient ones, which might result in an estimated 7,500MW of electricity savings.

According to the new fans’ minimum energy requirements, they will use 60W of electricity instead of the usual 120W that the outdated/inadequate fans would use.

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