The condition of the sick elephant Noor Jehan is deteriorating.

Despite the efforts of the international animal welfare charity Four Paws, the condition of 17-year-old ill elephant Noor Jehan continues to deteriorate,
Meanwhile, the zoo administration has prohibited non-technical personnel, including the media, from entering the zoo. According to Four Paws’ directives, Karachi Administrator Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman enforced a prohibition till the elephant’s condition improves.

The zoo becomes congested due to non-technical workers, which causes delays in operations and distress in the ailing creature, according to the management, citing Four Paws.

The newest update on ill elephant Noor Jehan was released by Four Paws, who stated that they are continuing to work with the on-site crew and doing all necessary to alleviate her pain.

“We are heartbroken to see that Noor Jehan’s health is still not improving, but please know that we are continuing to work with the on-site team, who are doing everything possible to alleviate her suffering,” Four Paws said.

Dr. Rahman has organised a nine-person committee to care after Noor Jehan of the Karachi Zoo.

The members of the committee will provide ideas and recommendations to the administration for the treatment of the elephant’s well-being and welfare.

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