The “AI Based Career Counseling Portal” was launched by the IT Minister.

On Thursday, Syed Amin Ul Haque, the federal minister for information technology and telecommunications, officially opened the AI-Based Career Counseling Portal. Aisha Humera Moriani, the Additional Secretary, and other senior Ministry of IT officers attended the ceremony, which was conducted in the committee room.

The Pakistan Software Export Board created the portal. The main objective is to assist and guide upcoming IT experts.

Aminul Haq said during the inauguration that “young individuals choosing the IT profession sometimes do not know which field is advantageous for them.” He continued by saying that the site would make it simpler for young people to choose careers and locate work.

In partnership with Botnostic Solutions, the platform will use artificial intelligence to support job advising.

Each year, Pakistan generates 25,000–30,000 computer science graduates and roughly 445,000 graduates from universities. With this many graduates, Pakistan ought to have a thriving tech sector and a top-notch business sector, but the reality is exactly the reverse. Universities forgo the quality of the education they give graduates so that they can apply it in the workplace and benefit their employers. Instead, employers must teach the graduates themselves in order to use their services.

In Pakistan, people under 30 make up about two-thirds of the population. This young population is a great resource for Pakistan and has the potential to be priceless in the technological world.

“Since there are few career counselors in urban areas and none in rural regions, there is a need to give young people complete assistance. A link in that network is the Pakistan Software Export Board’s initiative, which is an agency of the ministry of information technology. Added Syed

We work to ensure that Pakistan receives a fair portion of the trillion-dollar global ICT market. Only when we are able to steer our youth in the proper direction can this dream come true.

The local and worldwide IT industries will be able to discover qualified candidates through this platform. We need to accomplish the goal of at least $15 billion, while Pakistan’s IT export is currently $2.50 billion.

To meet this goal, the ministry is aiming to offer broadband services and freelance training all around the nation.

The IT sector might help Pakistan pay off all of its debt and stabilize the economy.

“It is crucial that each appropriate ministry fulfill its responsibility in addressing the issues facing the IT and telecom sectors. If the ITV Telecom sector’s issues are resolved, the nation’s economic issues will also be resolved.

Over the next five years, the Pakistani government intends to increase the employment of university graduates through the ministries of education and youth affairs, with the goal of establishing 10 million jobs specifically for graduate students.

If we want to compete with the rest of the world in the tech business, the government needs to take many more measures and our college and university degrees need to be significantly upgraded.


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