Teens now have a time limit on TikTok.

The well-known social media network TikTok has unveiled a number of new features geared towards teenagers and families, including a daily screen time cap of 60 minutes for all users under the age of 18.

Each account will have this limit automatically enabled, but users will have the choice to turn it off and set their own restrictions.

Other screen time control capabilities will also be included in the app, such as notifications for users who removed the 60-minute limit yet went above 100 minutes. In addition to setting a passcode and regulating the time limit, parents can increase the allotted time to 30 minutes at a time.
To determine the 60-minute limit, the team sought advice from academic research and professionals from the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital.

With the Family Pairing feature, caregivers can adjust the daily screen limit and establish different limits for different days of the week. Additionally, they can access the screen time dashboard, which displays information on the time spent on the app, the number of times the app was opened, and a breakdown of the total duration spent.
Parents can set further restrictions and disable notifications for their teenagers in addition to the capabilities mentioned above. Users under the age of 15 no longer receive push notifications after 9 PM, and users between the ages of 16 and 17 have notifications turned off after 10 PM.
TikTok has included sleep reminders to help users, as screen time is a major concern for all users. A pop-up reminder that reminds users to log off, put their device down, and go to sleep can be configured at a certain time.

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