Takedown 2023 Tekken champion Atif Butt defeats Arslan Ash.

Atif Butt, from Gunjranwala, defeated EVO JAPAN 2019 and 2023 champion Arsalan Ash to win the national Tekken competition.
Atif Butt won Takedown 2023 in Islamabad. Atif Butt, a Tekken legend from Gunjranwala, defeated EVO Japan 2019 and 2023 winner “Arsalan Ash” in the finals.

Arslan, one of the world’s top Tekken players, is dreaded by most pros, but Atif was able to defeat him.

Atif Butt defeated Arsalan Ash 3-0 in the grand final.

Atif chose Akuma and Arsalan Ash Kunimitsu in the last round.

After two rounds, Atif hit Ash with a Clutch EX Tatsumaki into Raging Demon.

Atif Butt received Rs.1 million for winning the competition, while Arsalan Ash received Rs.0.4 million.


Other tournament survivors received prize money. Heera from Ashes Gaming placed third and won Rs.200,000.

Atif has more amazing championships besides this triumph over Ash. Last year, he became “King of the Iron Fist.” In the Tekken World Tour 2022 finals in Amsterdam, he defeated a South Korean player.


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