Suzuki Sales Hit Record Low as a Result of Manufacturing Problems

Due to a lack of inventory and import limitations, Suzuki Swift Pak Suzuki Motor Company’s (PSMC) sales have reached an all-time low for the second time in this year.

The frequently trusted autojournal has reported that Pak Suzuki sold fewer than 1,000 cars in February. Since the nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns in April 2020, during which time both production and sales were at a standstill, this is the automaker’s poorest result to date.

The reduction is attributed to sporadic manufacturing halts and a lack of fully knocked-down (CKD) kits, according to the report. The State Bank of Pakistan’s (SBP) unwillingness to accept letters of credit (LCs) for the clearing of imported commodities has also been cited by the automakers.

Pak Suzuki sold 2,940 cars in January, a staggering 74% decrease from the previous month’s sales. The Suzuki Alto’s dismal sales, which dropped from 6,898 units in December 2022 to just 44 units in January 2023, were to blame for the drastic reduction.

The sales of all units in the report for February will probably be in the high tens or low hundreds. Whenever Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA) official numbers are received, we will be able to say with certainty that.

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