Survey Finds Nostalgia for “Purana” Pakistan

Pakistanis want “Purana” Pakistan from three or four decades ago, according to a new survey. Pakistan exceeds 50 other nations in nostalgia, according to the Ipsos Global Trends Report.

Pakistan tops the nostalgia survey in Asia and Africa. Nigeria follows Pakistan, followed by India, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Researchers asked 2,000 people if they wanted their nation back. Surprisingly, 83% of respondents agreed with this position, while 15% disagreed.

The 23 September–14 November 2022 study yielded further intriguing findings. High-income people were least nostalgic. Men and 55-74-year-olds were most nostalgic.

The survey also indicated that lower-income and less-educated people were more nostalgic. Pakistan has the most persons who choose to grow up with their parents.

78 percent agreed with the statement “Given the choice, I would prefer to have grown up when my parents were children,” while 19 percent disagreed. Surprisingly, low-income and middle-aged adults preferred growing up during their parents’ generation.

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