Student Uses ChatGPT to Score 94% on Exams Despite Not Attending Classes

Since its debut in November of last year, OpenAI’s viral chatbot ChatGPT has sparked heated controversy. To add fuel to the fire, this student used the chatbot to finish 12 weeks of study in only 2-3 hours, resulting in a 94 on his exam.

While dealing with personal concerns, a user known as 151N found himself in a quandary: how to cover 12 weeks of lecture material in just three days? Recognising that the exam would be multiple-choice and dependent on course topic, the student resorted to ChatGPT for assistance.

The lecture transcripts were available on Echo360, but they were too long for ChatGPT to handle. Undaunted, the student used a text summarizer to cut the content before assigning ChatGPT the responsibility of analysing the summarised transcripts and identifying key conversations from each lecture.

The student reviewed the study material provided by ChatGPT the day before the exam. As fate would have it, the next day’s exam included practically all of the material they had studied, resulting in a perfect score of 94.

A user with the handle u/151N recently shared the story on the famous social media network Reddit. The user emphasised their fear over forthcoming semester examinations in the message, noting that they had spent a substantial amount of time inside their room rather than attending courses.

The creative solution they devised was to use ChatGPT as a tutor to grasp the important exam themes and focus their attention on those specific topics.

The student began by obtaining a transcript of all of their lectures and copying it into ChatGPT, where he asked the chatbot to analyse the lectures and utilise its algorithms to determine which content would be most useful for the next exam.

However, the user ran into a minor snag throughout the procedure when the transcript proved to be too long for ChatGPT to handle. To get around this, the student used an online paraphrase tool to summarise the text before submitting it to ChatGPT again with the identical request, and the chatbot delivered.

In just 4-5 hours on the first day of exam preparation, the student was able to jot down key concepts from all of the lectures and conversations held throughout the semester.

Group of students study at home. Learning and preparing for university exam.

On the second day of preparation, the student asked ChatGPT to locate all the key topics in each lecture using only the course textbook and the transcript that the chatbot had previously summarised. The user subsequently spent 4-5 hours that day verifying the accuracy of the information provided by ChatGPT.

This fascinating story not only showcases the power of AI in education, but also how creative thinking and determination can lead to remarkable accomplishments in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.


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