Strike Threatened by Naanbai Association Due to Removal of Flour Subsidy

On May 5, the twin towns of Rawalpindi and Islamabad will go on strike, according to the Naanbai Association, an organisation that represents owners of bread ovens. The withdrawal of flour quotas and subsidies in the middle of a dire financial crisis prompted this.

The officials of the group have also stated that they will increase the price of roti, naan, and paratha due to an increase in the price of flour.

The choice was made after the economic crisis forced the suspension of free and subsidised flour programmes. In lieu of selling 20-kg flour bags for Rs. 3,100 each, flour mills have decided to stop selling 10- and 15-kg bags of flour.

The shortage of wheat flour is anticipated to endure until new wheat is procured, according to authorities in the pertinent agencies. People are now forced to pay excessive prices for flour as a result.

Shafiq Qureshi, the central president of the Naanbai association, confirmed the issue and stated that a bag of wheat now costs Rs 12,800.

On Friday, a large summit of oven owners from the twin cities is also scheduled to decide on a course of action. The decision to go on strike and increase the price of naan and roti will be made during the meeting.






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