Sindh Police Officer Mercilessly Humiliates Elderly Woman in Broad Daylight [Video]

A Sindh Police officer brutally assaulted an elderly beggar woman on Minara Road near Shalimar Phatak in Sukkur.

According to eyewitnesses and videos of the incident, the officer in charge of the 15 Police Helpline tortured the woman before removing her burka and using it to inflict further violence on her.
The officer’s abuse did not stop with physical violence; he was also accused of verbally abusing the victim.

Here is the video.

The incident occurred after a fight between several beggar women competing for alms, during which one woman was beaten by several others.

The actions of the police officer have raised concerns about the use of excessive force in the resolution of minor disagreements. The situation also highlights the ongoing struggle for basic human rights that marginalised members of society face.
Singhar Malik, SSP Sukkur, stated that the involved police officer has been suspended following allegations of mistreatment of beggars, and that an investigation has been launched.

The SSP has appointed DSP Rohri to present preliminary findings as soon as possible. No citizen, according to the SSP, should be tortured.

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