As many as 269,000 cases of malaria have been detected recently days, which is an alarming return in Sindh.

Hyderabad Division (132,000+ cases), Mirpur Khas (66,000+ cases), Larkana (48,000+ cases), Sukkur (11,000+ cases), Benazirabad (5,000+ cases), and Karachi (2,000+ cases) are the areas that have been most affected.


The Sindh government, on the other hand, has t put into effect any actual strategies to fight this pandemic illness. Until it’s too late, citizens of the province have urged authorities to take action.

Through millions of patients per year, malaria is a mosquito-borne disease with an extensive worldwide impact.

The latest numbers collected from around the world, are currently between 350 million and 500 million infections or 1 million and 3 million deaths per year. Poverty-stricken regions are where the illness is the most prevalent.


Further to the alarming outbreaks of malaria, the spread of dengue is also growing rapidly,
particularly in Rawalpindi. Punjab's local and health agencies have stepped up their vigilance in reaction to an outbreak of this infectious disease.

Pakistan may see a rise in cases of malaria and dengue, as reported by the World Health
Organization (WHO).

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