In the proximity of Meadows Bulolo in Karimabad, Hunza, at an altitude of 4800 meters, Slovakian skydiving pilot Eric Dufour got safely alive.

According to local sources in the media, Eric apparently was engaged in the incident yesterday which led him to stay at a hazardous elevation of over four thousand meters.

Immediately as the distress signal became known, local Hunza volunteers attended together to begin a rescue mission to rescue the foreign skydiving pilot.

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Two brave volunteers who initiated the rescue mission by surviving the night and gathering the most strength to rescue Eric were Sherazi Nasir and Sameer Uddin.

They were also crucial in carrying through what has been called one of the quickest rescue
missions for such emergencies in the area due to their fast attempts and efficient guidance.
Sherazi and Sameer’s acts of kindness have not just aided the local community but also Pakistan and the largest Gilgit Baltistan region.

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