Security Guard Shoots Islamia College Instructor Dead

On Sunday, a senior English instructor at Islamia College University was tragically shot during a verbal altercation with a campus watchman.

According to the police, Professor Bashir Muhammad, originally from Mardan but now residing at the Islamia Collegiate School, had a disagreement with the watchman the day before, but the issue was settled.

On Sunday, however, the two had another altercation in which Professor Bashir brandished a firearm. The guard, Sher Muhammad, retaliated by firing his AK-47 at the professor.

As a result of his critical injuries, Professor Bashir was transferred to the nearby Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), where he died. The perpetrator managed to flee after the gunshot, according to a police officer. When the victim’s brother filed a complaint, the police filed a FIR and began an investigation.

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