Sana, India’s First AI New Anchor, will be airing

The Indian media organisation “India Today” has launched an AI female anchor dubbed “Sana” to its audience, drawing inspiration from Chinese AI-powered news anchors.

Sana is the first AI female anchor to join india Today. During the India Today Conclave 2023, Sana was introduced by Kalli Purie, vice chair of the India Today Group. The goal of this change in the mainstream media is to increase productivity, cut costs, and maintain a high standard of news coverage.

Sana is a multilingual AI robot that Kalli Purie has referred to be “bright, attractive, ageless, relentless.” Several times each day, Sana can deliver daily news updates in a variety of languages. Sana will also host a brand-new show on which she will each day explore and elucidate a certain subject while interacting with the audience and taking questions.
Due to its many advantages, news anchoring by AI-powered bots is growing in popularity. AI bots can work nonstop, don’t need breaks, and deliver audience news updates quickly and effectively. AI can offer many language alternatives, particularly for audiences with varied languages.
In conclusion, the media industry has advanced significantly with the introduction of the first female AI anchor. The advantages and capabilities of Sana demonstrate the promise of AI for news anchoring. While some may see this as a setback for human anchors, it’s important to keep in mind that AI and humans may collaborate to give the viewers high-quality news updates.
Sana will support human anchors rather than replace them, according to Kalli Purie. Sana will receive a human surrogate editor from the business, and more human editors are likely to be hired. While conceding that the future is “fascinating and terrifying,” the vice chair has a favourable opinion about combining AI and people.

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