Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Has a Strange Camera Problem

Newly developed phones frequently have software issues that go unnoticed until they are released. Only after a large number of users begin using the devices do these issues become apparent.

According to recent reports, Samsung’s newly released One UI 5.1 update on Android 13 is causing battery issues for certain Galaxy phones.

Simultaneously, a strange camera stabilisation bug appears to be plaguing the Galaxy S23 Ultra, though the underlying cause is unknown. Nonetheless, it’s a software issue that will almost certainly be resolved with an update.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has excellent video stabilisation, but this flaw prevents it from functioning properly. Videos shot with the flagship phone produce shaky results.

This problem also affects photos, though it is less noticeable in portrait mode. However, for some people, the situation is reversed, as video stabilisation appears to work correctly in some cases while photo stabilisation does not.

While resetting the camera settings appears to help, the problem reappears after closing and reopening the camera app.

Physical damage is unlikely to be a factor because none of these phones were dropped or otherwise damaged. People have also reported that when the camera app crashes, the device becomes warmer.

It is difficult to draw definitive conclusions at this time, but if additional reports with similar issues emerge, it will be clear that this is a widespread issue. The majority of users will have to wait for a future One UI update to resolve these issues.

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