Rural Regions in Islamabad to Get Rs. 10 Billion in Development Grant

Today, the Development Working Party (DWP) is expected to adopt a PC-I worth Rs. 10 billion for construction projects in the federal capital’s rural areas.

The new initiatives, which seek to close the gap between urban and rural areas, were announced by Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal.

Mengal announced that the PC-I had been completed and would be presented for approval at the DWP meeting on Thursday.

He continued by mentioning that there has been discussion on the CDA’s capacity to carry out development initiatives in Islamabad’s rural regions. Mengal noted that the CDA is capable of doing so because to its ability to provide housing societies no-objection certificates (NOCs) and collect taxes.

The PC-I describes a two-year initiative that supports rural development goals, such as the provision of essential infrastructure services including clean drinking water, road networks, and pavements for city streets.

The project intends to reduce pollution and the unsanitary conditions in areas where water runs over existing dirt streets. The initiative will also address the outdated state of rural communities’ water supply, sewage, and transportation infrastructure.

Almost 700,000 people living in rural areas are anticipated to benefit from the initiative by having access to essential amenities including clean water, good communication, and sanitation.

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