Resolution of the US Congress designating March 23 as Pakistan Day

Jamaal Bowman, a US congressman, has made history by introducing a resolution in the House of Representatives that will designate March 23, 2023, as “Pakistan Day.”

In the history of Pak-US ties, this is the first time such a resolution has been introduced. The resolution was put up to recognise and appreciate the tremendous contribution made by the Pakistani-American community to the uplift and inspiration of Americans.

The resolution stressed the value of honouring those who promote ethnic pride and raise awareness of cultural variety, which enriches the social fabric of US communities.

The article continued, “Pakistan Day provides an ideal avenue through which all American citizens can learn more about the rich Pakistani past while cultivating an appreciation for the ancient culture among future generations.

Masood Khan, the ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, expressed appreciation for Congressman Bowman’s initiative. According to him, the resolution would not only assist to improve bilateral ties between the two nations, but it would also increase racial harmony between Americans and Pakistanis.

Congressman Bowman responded to this gesture by saying that it was an honour for him to present the resolution. He also emphasised the significance of supporting the Pakistani people in their hour of need

This resolution not only acknowledges the rich cultural history of Pakistan but also emphasises the necessity of cooperation and support during trying times. This resolution is intended to strengthen ties between the two nations and open the door to additional potential partnerships.

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