Recognition for Pakistani Students’ Proud Display of Identity and Culture Abroad

It cannot be overstated how important Pakistani students studying abroad are in introducing their friends and the general public to Pakistani music, clothing, food, sports, spectacles, and other aspects of our culture.

“It is a matter of great satisfaction that our students, while studying abroad, enthusiastically participate in various extracurricular activities to express their national identity and culture,” said Zaheer A. Janjua, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Canada, at a cultural fair put on by Pakistani students enrolled in a nearby university in Ottawa.

The Pakistan Student Association at the University of Carleton in Ottawa organised a fair in a nearby park. Many Canadian students of Pakistani descent and students of other nationalities participated and delighted in Pakistani cuisine and sports.

High Commissioner Zaheer A. Janjua interacted with the students and took part in activities, including kite flying. He commended the students for organising the occasion and taking satisfaction in showcasing their culture and identity via a variety of manifestations. He also expressed his gratitude to the students for always attending programmes hosted by the Pakistani High Commission and Consulates.

He stated that the Pakistan High Commission always has its doors open to our students. In the years to come, the country’s and the world’s leadership will be in the hands of our students, who are both our strength and our future.

In order to be better prepared for the difficulties of the modern world, he pushed them to devote their entire time and attention to their education and the development of elite talents.

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