Punjab’s Cane Commissioner allots defaulting sugar mills a portion of the export quota.

he Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) defaulter mills have been given a portion of the sugar export quota by the Cane Commissioner of Punjab.

The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) defaulter mills have been given a portion of the sugar export quota by the Cane Commissioner of Punjab.

According to official records, the Economic Coordination Committee directed the Cane Commissioner of Punjab to distribute 61% of the quota to 41 sugar mills in Punjab.

It is important to remember that on November 1, 2023, ECC permitted the export of 250,000 MT of sugar and instructed the provincial cane commissioners to set up a quota for the export of sugar within seven business days.

Al-Arabia Sugar Mills 4,566 MT Al Moiz Industries 1,724 MT Ashraf Sugar Mills 2,981 MT Baba Farid Sugar Mills 2,968 MT Channar Sugar Mills Etihad Sugar Mills, 5045 MT; Darya Khan Sugar Mills, 6,662 MT 53 MT Fatima Sugar Mills 9,429 MT, GB Pvt Ltd. 1,807 MT Hamza Sugar Mills 3,290 MT Haq Bahu Sugar Mills Unit-I of the Hunza Sugar Mill, 4,044 MT Unit-II of the Hunza Sugar Mills, 2,608 4,554 MT, Tariq Corporation 2,487 MT Indus Sugar Mills 9,442 MT Jauharabad Sugar Mills 6,867 MT JDW Sugar Mills Unit-I 2,985 MT JDW Sugar Mills Unit-II 3,067 MT K, JK Sugar Mills Unit-I Layyah Sugar Mills, 5,092 MT; 512 MT 5,966 MT for Macca Sugar Mills, 3,194 MT for Madina Sugar Mills, 1,856 MT for Noon Sugar Mills, and 2,415 MT for Pattoki Sugar Mills. RYK Mills, 5,360 MT; Popular Sugar Mills, 6,978 MT 1,714 MT Ramzan Sugar Mills 3,631 MT Rasool Sugar Mills 1,766 MT Safina Sugar Mills Shahtaj Sugar Mills 2,023 MT Seven Star Sugar Mills 2,942 MT 1,807 MT, Shakarganj Limited Unit-I 2,345 MT S.W Sugar Mills, 3,325 MT Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Unit-I, 4,683 MT Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Unit-II, 6,431 MT Sheikhoo Sugar Mills, 5,483 MT Two Star Industries Pvt Ltd.

The documents state that 9 sugar mills missed payments totaling Rs. 12.20 billion. Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills, Seri Sugar Mills, TMK Sugar Mills, Tandlianwala Sugar Mills, Haq Bahu Sugar Mills, Macca Sugar Mills, Abdullah Sugar Mill Depalpur, Rs. 200.7 Million, and Abdullah Sugar Mills all defaulted on payments totaling Rs. 2.11 billion, Rs. 384 Million, Rs. 608 Million, Rs. 2.064 Billion, Rs. 2.044 Billion, Rs.

According to sources, sugar mills have only shipped 130,000 MT of the 250,000 MT allotted for export. Recently, the ECC extended the time restriction for sugar shipments from the date of quota allocation to 60 days.

“After consultations with the Ministry of Commerce following FBR’s O.M. 5(39)EP/02 dated 9/2/2023, the Ministry of Commerce notified that the responsible authority has not yet made a decision regarding the case. As a result, until any orders are made by the appropriate authority, FBR may not delay the clearance of the concerned sugar mills indicated in MoC O.M. dated 6/2/2023, according to the documents.


Given the foregoing, FBR instructed the Chief Collector and Collectors of Customs to grant permission for the export of all sugar mills in accordance with the government’s decision, subject to the terms and circumstances outlined.

A senior Customs official responded to this reporter’s enquiry by saying that the Ministry of Commerce is responsible for this issue. Regarding FBR, it is making sure that all requirements outlined by the Government in the approval for the export of sugar are met.

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