Punjab Police announces a special hiring quota for transgender people.

Dr. Usman Anwar, the Inspector General (IG) of the Punjab Police, announced the opening of “Protection Centers” in each district of the province to offer the transgender population legal and social protection.

Ahsan Younis, the deputy IG for information technology (IT), will oversee the initiative and endeavour to ensure that the centres are operational throughout the province.

IG Punjab shared his opinions during a discussion session on “Protection of Transgender Community’s Rights” on Monday at the Central Police Headquarters.

Organizations fighting for the rights of the transgender community, members of civil society, and transgender people who offered their perspectives all attended the session.

According to the IG, the department will give transgender people preference when filling positions under a special quota, and steps will be taken to stop the economic abuse of transgender people.

The IG also stated that the protection centres would offer members of the transgender community thorough information and direction on their issues.

He stressed that the protection centres will preserve the dignity of transgender people and enhance communication with other private organisations like TEVTA and the Labor Department, allowing them to flourish as skilled and useful members of society.

To alleviate the sense of deprivation and dread that transgender community members frequently feel, the IG emphasised the necessity for special consideration and treatment.

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