Punjab Introduces Online Property Registration System

On Thursday, a meeting was held at the Board of Revenue (BoR) committee room to examine the implementation of e-registration, also known as the Electronic Deed Registration System, under the direction of Nabeel Javed, Senior Member Board of Revenue (SMBoR) Punjab.

The officers’ e-registration training will start on April 28 in Lahore and last until May 15 at all divisional headquarters in Punjab, according to the announcement made by the authorities during the meeting. All pertinent district officers will be present at the seminar. The e-registration and transfer of property deeds will start in Sahiwal on May 1st, it further added.

According to the SMBoR, e-registration will provide people a number of advantages. Through an e-registration gateway, they will be able to apply for property registration from the comfort of their own homes and obtain an online copy of their record.

Additionally, residents won’t need to visit as many offices because of the system’s openness. Residents must come before a sub-registrar of the relevant district or tehsil to record their remarks if they intend to buy or sell property through e-registration.

Furthermore, the IT system will keep an eye on people who block citizens. Transparency will be ensured since BoR officers, commissioners, and deputy commissioners (DCs) would have daily access to the e-registration site to monitor sub-registrars.

Overall, e-registration will simplify and provide residents with comfort as it improves the property registration process.

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