Punjab Breaks Bad News to Public Sector University Employees

On Tuesday, the Higher Education Department (HED) Punjab made a significant announcement regarding the pay of university employees.

Vice-Chancellors (VCs) of Punjab’s public universities have been notified by the government that employees are not eligible for the grant of a 15% special allowance.

The HED Punjab had earlier asked the Finance Department Punjab for advice on whether or not the employees of autonomous bodies would be eligible for the Special Allowance in 2022. The choice was taken after giving the issue careful thought.

“I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that an advice regarding the admissibility of special allowance-2022 to the employees of autonomous bodies, i.e. universities, has been received from the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, via letter No. SO (C) Misc-1/21 (Temp), dated 08.03.2023 in which it is clarified that in the present case, universities are autonomous bodies under the administrative control of the HED Punjab,” reads the letter from the HED Punjab

The letter continues, “As per the letter of the Finance Department bearing No. FD.SR.V.3-1/2021, dated 20.07.2022, the workers of universities are not eligible to grant of 15% special allowance.

It is important to note that academic staff associations (ASAs) at public institutions, including the ASA at Punjab University (PU-ASA), have voiced concerns about the Finance Department’s viewpoint.

In response to rising inflation, these associations had called for the grant of a 15% special allowance to university workers.

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