PSL 8 Anthem Leaked Before Official Launch This Year As Well [Video]

Before the song’s official release, videos of the much-anticipated PSL 8 Anthem rehearsals were leaked on social media.

While cricket fans eagerly await the Pakistan Super League anthem, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the much-hyped cricket anthem. The PSL anthem was already delayed this year, owing to a change in the administration of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

However, videos from the official anthem video rehearsals have been leaked online ahead of the song’s release.

The leaked videos show popular singers Shae Gill, Asim Azhar, Abdullah Siddiqui, and Faris Shafi performing the anthem on stage in front of a crowd. The music video appears to follow the theme of previous PSL anthems. A rap by Faris Shafi was also featured in the video, implying that the anthem will be a mash-up of the various styles of the artists involved in the project.

It is worth noting that the PSL 7 anthem was also leaked on social media prior to its official release last year.

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