Procedure for ChatGPT on WhatsApp in Steps

An AI-powered Natural Language Processing tool is ChatGPT. You can communicate like a human and do many more things like an intelligent robot with ChatGPT.

OpenAI developed ChatGPT and is capable of carrying out a wide range of activities, including sending emails, creating content, making lists, and writing captions for social media uploads.

A potent artificial intelligence for language processing is ChatGPT. There are several methods offered by WhatsApp through which you can send a chat.

Users of WhatsApp may now enjoy using an AI bot on the app without running the risk of being in any dangerous situations after it became available on Siri, Apple Watch, and other places.

Here, we provide straightforward instructions for using chatGPT with WhatsApp.


Check out the website

Open the Shmooz AI website using the link on your mobile device. The “Start Shmoozing” button will take you to WhatsApp when you tap it.


Continually Speaking

The “proceed to chat” option will then appear; selecting it will take you to the conversation screen.


Unattended Message

The message field will auto-type a message. It must be sent before the bot can reply.


Speak With Shmooz AI.

That completes the process, and you may now enjoy conversing with Shmooz AI in WhatsApp as you would chatGPT, and it will respond.


Easily Use ChatGPT On WhatsApp Without Complicated Steps

As a bot, Shmooz AI may be tested using a variety of stimuli.

The above-mentioned techniques make it simple to set up chatGPT on your WhatsApp account without any difficulties.

Also, a member is entitled to 20 gratis texts, so keep track!

Once the procedure is complete, log onto your PC and use the chatGPT prompts provided by the finest bot.

For any dish, for instance, you can have your own ingredient list. then switch to music. Your screen will eventually display the complete recipe for your favourite dish.

Everyone wants to take use of ChatGPT’s powerful and intelligent features. Microsoft and Google are two businesses that have added chatGPT to their search engines.

ChatGPT is used by banks and other financial organisations to carry out regular operations.

Also, chatGPT has the ability to aid students with their education and pass tests.


More WhatsApp Bots from ChatGPT

In addition to the most fascinating chatGPT-powered WhatsApp bots, users can also access a few more intriguing bots.

As bots are currently in high demand, the following messaging bots are also available:



One of the easiest to use WhatsApp bots Another tool you may utilise to chat and get all of your questions answered is GPT-4, mobile GPT. Even more impressively, MobileGPT can create photos for you.



This fantastic bot responds to your inquiries and converts voice memos into text.

Moreover, AI can be used to generate visuals and describe YouTube videos. What has been unavailable for the past three days is only taking new sign-ups for its waitlist due to the unexpected increase in user population.

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