Private Schools Announce an Unexpected Holiday

School closures appear to be causing some concern in Karachi. One private school organization has called for a strike in response to the assassination of its administrator, while another has refused to cooperate.

According to the All-Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF), schools in Karachi will be closed on Monday (today) to protest the assassination of Khalid Raza, a prominent figure in the private school industry.

Raza was the vice chairman of the Federation of Private Schools and the deputy director of a private school system.

On Sunday, he was killed by two gunmen on a motorcycle in Karachi. Kashif Mirza, president of the APPSF, asked the government to act quickly and bring the suspects to justice.

The All Private Schools Management Association (APSMA) Sindh, on the other hand, has announced that all schools will continue to operate as usual.

According to the Sindh Education Department, no formal decision to close schools has been made, so all public schools will remain open.

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