Presidency Links Pakistan’s Development Through Women’s Empowerment

The First Lady, Begum Samina Alvi, underlined the necessity of cooperation and individual efforts in order for Pakistan to have a better future. She emphasised the value of women’s emancipation, which continues to be a primary priority. Begum Alvi emphasised the necessity for suitable platforms to support the youth’s growth while also acknowledging their talent and tenacity. She asked women, who were well known for their readiness to take part in charitable endeavours, to put aside their political allegiances and work for the development of the nation. She said this while speaking at the Soliton Welfare Foundation event.

It is encouraging to see groups like the Soliton Foundation and others actively involved in charitable endeavours in Pakistan, according to Begum Sameena Alvi. She mentioned how many people in the nation are passionate about giving back to the community and volunteering. Because it raises the spirits of those in need in our society, Begum Sameena finds charitable work to be more compelling than politics. She highlighted that everyone should put Pakistan’s development first and use their talents and skills to help the country advance. She noted that while the government played a significant part in this effort, aware individuals and communities also needed to contribute to the development of the nation.

Begum Sameena further underlined that Pakistan will advance twice as quickly if its citizens adopt the same mindset and behaviour they display outside of Pakistan. She acknowledged the involvement of numerous groups in welfare initiatives and mentioned her own experience working with various institutions. She also drew attention to Pakistan’s high breast cancer mortality rate, which stands at 49% of women. She worked with organisations like Shaukat Khanum Hospital to establish a campaign to treat breast cancer appropriately when it was still in its early stages in order to address this problem.

Begum Sameena Alvi stressed the need of addressing mental diseases in the nation when it came to mental health. Regardless of their political inclinations, she urged everyone to work for the country.

The chairman of the Soliton Welfare Foundation, Dr. Mansoor, spoke about the foundation’s various welfare initiatives, such as the educational, medical, and orphanage facilities as well as the agricultural research facilities in Nankana Sahib. He voiced the opinion that every citizen ought to be passionate about contributing to Pakistan.

The CEO of the Soliton Welfare Foundation, Dr. Fauzia Khan, emphasised the importance of following Quaid-e-instructions Azam’s in order to advance the nation. She thanked Begum Sameena Alvi for attending the occasion and for her presence. LUMS professors actively involved in AI research as well as eminent medical professionals and researchers attended the occasion.

There were also about 200 members of the Soliton Group in attendance.

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