Police in Rawalpindi complain about the poor quality of the food during PSL 8.

For cricket fans nationwide, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the most prestigious competition. Yet, some worries have surfaced as PSL season 8 continues.

The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is providing security for thousands of police personnel, and they are being fed unclean, subpar food. It was announced earlier this week that 5,000 police personnel will provide protection.

Two police officers who requested anonymity grumbled about the subpar cuisine. The food is awful, said one cop. The oil used is poor quality, and it is not cooked correctly.

“We are working so hard to secure the security of the event, but the food we are being served is awful,” a second officer continued. Our health is also a concern, so it’s not just about flavour.

The officers’ poor dietary quality presents serious health risks. Food poisoning and various related ailments can result from consuming tainted food.
To resolve the situation, the authorities in charge of feeding the police personnel must act right away. The event’s organisers are in charge of making sure that the police officers who are putting in a lot of effort to keep the peace are fed sanitary, nourishing food.

The effectiveness of the security staff, which is largely dependent on their health, is essential to the event’s safety.

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