PM Shehbaz Surprised by Huge Chicken Price Increase

In light of the fact that everything was in order and there was no food scarcity, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has questioned why chicken meat is so expensive in the nation.

During a meeting on the availability and price control of essential items during Ramadan, the premier asked the responsible officials why the price of chicken had increased after last week’s new taxes when there was no shortage of food. The premier was aware that chicken meat had become a luxury food item as its price soared past Rs. 700 per kg.

The PM declared that profiteers, hoarders, and overcharging will face harsh punishment while providing the district administration and law enforcement in the federation and provinces free reign. In addition, he asked officials to take stern action against vendors taking advantage of flood victims last year and ordered cleaning operations in godowns, stores, and markets prior to Ramadan.

Afterwards, the prime minister issued a warning that any interruption in supply, demand, or commodities pricing would result in action being taken against personnel in the impacted districts. Then he criticised the authorities once more for failing to limit the price of chicken flesh.

Prior to Ramadan, the PM issued an order to ensure that quality goods were available in utility stores all around the nation and to put up mobile utility stores during the holy month.

Established Committee to Monitor Austerity Measures.
The PM earlier on Sunday established a committee to supervise the execution of the austerity measures announced last week, continuing his pattern of hiring too many people. He gave the order for the committee’s creation to be announced.

In less than a month, the prime minister has appointed two committees tasked with reducing government spending through austerity measures.

A 15-person group headed by veteran bureaucrat Nasir Mahmood Khosa was established on January 20 with a deadline of 15 days for cost-cutting ideas. The committee eventually disbanded after failing to hold even one meeting.

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