Plans for the Karachi Circular Railway will be postponed.

The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project has been delayed due to the need to evacuate 4,653 homes, relocate impacted residents, and pay compensation.

The second amended feasibility assessment for the $2.027 billion KCR project was approved by the federal government. The project will be finished in 36 months. Details indicate that the 43.13 km circular train project will provide 650,000 people everyday with an economical and convenient form of transportation.

The Sindh government has been instructed to clear obstructions from its path by Pakistan Railway (PR) and the Federal Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives in order to guarantee the project’s prompt completion.
The Sindh government, according to a media source, is in a dire financial situation and is unable to raise Rs. 20 billion to compensate evicted citizens or give them with new land and homes.

A survey and feasibility assessment conducted in 2017 found that the KCR route needs 4,653 encroachments to be removed.

The survey discovered 993 dwellings that need to be demolished from Wazir Mansion to Baldia, 440 from Liaquatabad to University Road, 1,748 from Chinesar Halt to Karachi Cantt, 343 from City Station to Wazir Mansion, and 347 from Liaquatabad to Wazir Mansion.

According to the report, their removal is required in order to construct the new track and operate the train. The project will be delayed if the government is unable to complete it.

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