PIA Responds After Backlash No More Young Air Hostesses and Stewards.

A spokesperson of PIA for the responded according to the media reports, stating that an age limit has been must imposed for flight attendants being deputed on international flights to Canada and all former countries.

In an interview with the media, a representative for the national flag airline denied any such occurrence. He added that the PIA management has not yet
decided on establishing an age limit.

Earlier, different local media outlets reported that the PIA has issued fresh guidelines in an effort to avoid crew members from ‘going away’ abroad. The
different media outlets, citing sources, added that the national flag carrier will no longer be deploying young employees on international flights.

And also said it was also reported that only those over the age of 50 will be performing the duties of flight employees on international routes, specially
Canada. However, the PIA spokesperson has refused these news reports.

It should be mentioned that another instance having two PIA crew members ‘slipping away' came to light just yesterday. According to media reports, two flight attendants – Khalid Afridi and Fida Shah – refused to report for duty on their
return flight from Canada.

Talking about the past incident, a spokesperson for the PIA confirmed that two of their flights employee has gone missing and the PIA authorities of Canada have been contacted in this regard.

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