PIA declares a significant discount on domestic routes

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has given a significant 10% discount on domestic prices in honour of Pakistan Day.
The discount will be available to travellers on domestic routes from March 23rd, according to a representative for the national flag carrier who also confirmed the news.

For Pakistani passengers, especially those preparing to fly on Pakistan Day, this information has come as a welcome surprise. More individuals are anticipated to go within the nation and take in its beauty as a result of the reduction.

A new function has also been added by the PIA to improve the travelling experience of its customers. Passengers can now confirm their tickets and seat assignments online thanks to the airline’s newly announced WhatsApp number. Passengers can get assistance from a chatbot regarding the status of their flights, the timetable, and other crucial issues.

The introduction of this new function will help make travel easier and more accessible for everyone. The airline anticipates that this step will enhance demand and boost passenger satisfaction levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the aviation sector, and airlines all over the world are seeking for ways to resurrect their operations. The most recent announcements from PIA demonstrate the airline’s dedication to providing creative solutions and services to its customers.

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