PIA Criticised for Multi-Million Rupee Travel Agency Discounts

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) administration was criticised by ARY News on Thursday for issuing Rs. 35 million to travel agencies for domestic tickets. The airline is losing billions of rupees.

2,620 tickets received 50%, 70%, or 100% discounts. These tickets cost Rs. 3.53 billion without discounts and Rs. 160.43 million with discounts.

Given the airline’s financial predicament and the fact that agencies cannot grant ticket reductions without a formal request, the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) disagrees with this decision.

The airline’s 2020 revenue management audit reported domestic ticket sales. The 2021-22 research also examines domestic tickets.

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Despite financial difficulties, the airline continues to offer agents discounts on domestic tickets. In 2022, the airline wisely limited domestic ticket discounts to 50% and 75%, per IATA rules.

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