Petrol Prices May decrease Due to International Oil Price Decline

Fuel prices in Pakistan are expected to  decrease of up to Rs. 10 per liter, i thing with initial  suggesting the per liter rates for High-Speed Diesel to decrease by Rs. 10 and MS Petrol by Rs. 8 per liter on November 15.

may be that international prices remain in the change for the next couple of days, local petrol and diesel prices may go drease to Rs. 275.38 and Rs. 293.18, respectively, in the next fortnightly prices reamin same from 15 November 2023.

The benefit of low global fuel rates may be updown by the Pakistani Rupee’s plunge since October 15 which saw the local unit decrease Rs. 10.2/$ to date.

Petrol Prices May decrease Due to International Oil Price Decline

specially  HSD had become roughly $8-9 per cheaper on average, losingto $104 during the week, while petrol had lose by $1 to $90.

To remember that  between diesel prices August 15 and September 15, petrol and high-speed diesel prices decrease by Rs. 58.43 and Rs. 55.83 per liter, specially , to a historic Rs. 331-333 per liter at retail until September 30.  due to the PKR’s high recovery from below 300 to above 278, fuel and diesel rates  by Rs. 52 and Rs. 26 per liter, respectively, on the 1st and 15th of October.

Petrol and HSD prices remained unchanged on October 31st at Rs. 283.38 per litre and Rs. 303.18 per litre, respectively. The interim administration maintained fuel prices in the previous fortnightly review, despite hopes of up to Rs. 18 per litre alleviation.

and important thing is that , the PKR has depreciated 3.5 percent to 287/$ compared to a  day average of 277/$ on October 16, while the prices of WTI, Brent, and Arablight decrease by ~11.6 percent, ~11.1, and ~9.6 percent.

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