People Start a “Fruit Boycott” in Opposition to Rising Costs

The “Fruit Boycott Campaign” was established by citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in protest of the skyrocketing fruit costs. On social media, activists are pleading with others to join them in the struggle against excessive costs.

Profiteers and hoarders are to blame for the increase in fruit prices. Many argue that the problem is made worse by government officials’ allegedly unfavourable relationships with these profiteers and hoarders.

Residents used a two-day fruit purchasing boycott as a method to protest inflated prices. At initially, only Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi were included in the boycott; however, it swiftly extended to other cities, and supporters worked hard to make the campaign a success.

Officials from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi district governments ignored the problem despite several public objections. According to reports, profiteers and hoarders have stocked up a variety of fruits in their stores to inflate the supply and drive up costs.

Just a few residents initially showed interest in the campaign, but as word spread on social media and in the media as a whole, many more people joined in. On day four, the market situation was fairly intriguing, and the campaign had a favourable impact on both the people and the government.

Merchants were anxious about the scenario as there weren’t many customers around fruit vendors on the twin cities’ streets. Although they did not buy them, the public was asking about fruit pricing.

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