Parking Charge Mafia Preys on Faisal Mosque

Despite the municipal government’s statement that parking at the Faisal Mosque will be free, the mafia of charge collectors nevertheless compels visitors to pay unauthorised fees.

The municipal organisation has posted a sign announcing that parking at the Faisal Mosque is free. Despite this, some people continue to charge for parking and have erected temporary structures there.

According to a media report, despite the signboard’s explicit statement that parking is free at the Faisal Mosque, many still try to avoid paying the illegal cost. Yet, the mafia brazenly keeps up the illegal fee collecting and “suggests” to the populace that if they have a problem with the system, they should complain to the collectors.

a visitor to Faisal Mosque reportedly told the media:

When I questioned them about the board put up by the local government, [the collector] insisted that it was no longer useful because there was no longer free parking available at the Faisal Mosque. Then they advised me to submit a complaint against them if I had a problem.
In response, a local government official provided the following statement to the media:

In August of last year, we posted a formal notice outside the Faisal Mosque reminding tourists that there was no parking fee for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. This judgement is still valid and cannot be overturned. We are aware of the matter and will take the necessary action to have all groups requesting donations from visitors from the Faisal Mosque removed.

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