Pakistan’s Shopping Search Engine ‘Prislo’ Expands to 5 Countries.

Today, (formerly Shopsy. pk) announced its expansion to five new markets: Australia, Canada, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Prislo, which debuted in 2019, had previously focused solely on the Pakistani consumer market.

“We made a strategic decision to enter new markets a year ago. These markets have a 30X higher ad cost per click (CPC) than Pakistan, making them very appealing for growing our advertising revenues,” said Usama Arjumand, Co-Founder & CEO of Prislo.

Since its inception, the startup that helps online shoppers find the best prices and deals has seen rapid growth, reaching 11 million annual visitors and breaking into the top five most visited shopping platforms in Pakistan.

Prislo crawled and aggregated data from 360 online stores in Pakistan using human supervision, with a crawler written and maintained manually for each store.

Scaling to four new countries and aggregating thousands of online stores necessitated the development of Morpheus, Prislo’s autonomous web crawler.

“Morpheus crawls, learns, and structures the web using reinforcement-based learning. “Within a month of launching Morpheus, we had expanded our search index to 20 million products from 3,500 online stores,” said Faraz Khalid, Co-Founder and Head of AI.

The team is now raising investment to scale their user base in their newly launched markets and to develop conversational search capabilities, which they refer to as a ‘ChatGPT for shopping’.

“We believe that the future of e-commerce search will be conversational. “Imagine speaking to a shopping platform and receiving personalized recommendations for products, deals, and the best prices,” said Sanjay Kumar, Co-Founder & Platform Head.

“We have already constructed the fundamental building blocks for this and are working to present it to the world in the near future in the near future,” he added.

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