Pakistani Man Wanted by UAE Police for Daughter’s Murder

Authorities in Sharjah are looking for a Pakistani man who killed his daughter. After perpetrating the horrible crime, the individual reportedly left the country and is now thought to be living in Pakistan.

According to reports, on March 27, this year, the guy killed his 26-year-old daughter. After the victim’s brother dialled for assistance, the police were informed. Law enforcement officers arrived on the scene and found the woman’s deceased body.

Sharjah Police has also requested cooperation from Interpol to help find and apprehend the culprit so that he can be brought to justice. In accordance with international law, an arrest warrant and an extradition order have also been issued.

The reason for the murder has not yet been determined despite inquiries. In order to advance their investigation, forensic teams and CID officials have taken photographs of the crime scene and collected fingerprints from the victim’s body.


Suicide-murder case in Sharjah

An earlier tragedy in Sharjah involved a man who killed his wife and two small girls before plunging to his own death from a flat on the eleventh floor.

According to neighbours, the event involved an Indian national who had only been residing in the building for around six months.

An autopsy was performed after the occurrence by Sharjah Police, and it revealed that the guy had poisoned his wife and strangled his two kids, who ranged in age from three to seven. It also exposed several indicators of domestic violence.

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