Pakistan wastes $4 billion worth of food, and the government will launch a campaign to address this.

According to sources who spoke with ProPakistani, Pakistanis waste food worth $4 billion yearly, and the government is preparing to launch a campaign to cut down on it at the home and commercial levels.

The Ministry for National Food Security and Research stated there is currently no study being done to assess the annual wastage and loss of food in a written response it provided to the National Assembly earlier today.

According to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), 19.6 million tonnes of food are wasted or lost annually, which is close to 26% of the nation’s total food production. The ministry informed the National Assembly in its written response that this adds up to close to $4 billion.

According to the food ministry, food waste is the term used to describe food that spoils as a result of decisions and actions made by customers, food service providers, and retailers.

Food waste takes several forms:

During sorting procedures, fresh produce that doesn’t meet standards for shape, size, and colour is frequently taken out of the supply chain. Foods that are approaching, at, or past their “best before” dates are frequently thrown out by customers and retailers.

Large amounts of healthful, edible food are frequently left over or underutilised in homes and restaurants, according to the ministry.

The ministry noted that as most food waste is an individual-level action, public awareness campaigns are more effective in lowering food waste at homes and commercial dining facilities. The government plans to launch one of these campaigns.


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