AC usage in workplaces for officers up to grade 18 is strictly forbidden by the Pakistan Railway (PR). The railway’s Electrical Department recently made this clear in an official announcement.

The usage of AC in workplaces by officers up to grade 18 has been banned by PR authorities as a result of a proposed inter-organizational austerity effort due to the current economic and power issues in the entire country. PR officers up to grade 18 are unable to utilize AC within workshops, railway workplaces, or other workplaces.


As ordered by the government, PR has put into action the latest economic policy. It is vital to note that from 8 to 11 AM, all railway officers’ offices are currently banned from running AC.

In accordance with those in the field of railroads, the state’s Department of Railways is currently suffering difficulties. They continue by stating that multiple actions are currently being taken to improve saving it.

Another Increase in Ticket Prices Coming?

Prices for petroleum products are expected to rise once again as an outcome of currency losses and increasing international oil costs.


Due to a media prediction, the price of gasoline, as well as high-speed diesel (HSD), could rise on September 15 by Rs. 10–14 and Rs. 14–16 per liter, that is, because of the rates of taxes and import equality costing. The price of kerosene would go up as well about Rs.10.
The price of gasoline and diesel is therefore expected to get higher about Rs. 320 as well as Rs. 325 per liter, each. The cost of the ticket prices and service fees of transfer companies. Especially PR is going to increase as an outcome.

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