Pakistan Issues Warning to Travelers Going to the UAE

New travel recommendations have now been made available by the Pakistani Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). All Pakistani nationals must obtain a visa in order to enter the United Arab Emirates, according to the embassy. If you don’t, you’ll face consequences and legal action.

Pakistanis living in the UAE have also been urged by the embassy to depart before their visas expire. They must first obtain a visa if they intend to travel outside of the UAE.

It’s vital to know that only Pakistanis with legitimate Emirates IDs will be granted visas for other nations.

Hence, before making trip arrangements, citizens must make sure they have all the required paperwork and visas. Please get in touch with the Pakistani Embassy in the United Arab Emirates for more details and advice.

Pakistani Families at Risk of Visa Ban in UAE.

Many Pakistanis with work visas in the Emirates are breaking the Wadeema Law regarding children’s rights, according to Ateeq Al-Remeithi, the UAE consul general in Karachi.

He claimed that although the law protects children’s rights to an education, a high standard of living, and other amenities, many Pakistani families keep their kids at home against their will. Al-Remeithi warned that in order to make sure families don’t break the rules, the UAE will take strong actions, such as deportation and bans.

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