Pakistan Has Faster Mobile Internet Than India And Other Asian Countries: PTA

In the South Asian region, Pakistan has the second-highest average mobile broadband speed, per the study. The only nation in Asia with the second-highest average mobile broadband speed is Pakistan, according to PTA.

According to data gathered in 2022, Pakistan was ranked 114th for mobile speeds and 150th for fixed broadband speeds in the globe in November of that year.
The data shows that Pakistan has an average mobile broadband download speed of 20.84 Mbps, which is undoubtedly higher than that of other nations in the region.
The typical mobile broadband download speed in India, for instance, is 19.57 Mbps. Bangladesh has a speed of 16.33 Mbps. Additionally, with an average mobile broadband speed of 20.90 Mbps, Sri Lanka is the fastest in South Asia.

In addition, Nepal’s typical Internet speed is 20.60 Mbps. It is, however, a little lower than Pakistan. However, 78% and 75% of Pakistan’s population, respectively, can currently access 3G and 4G mobile connections.

Currently, 78% and 75% of Pakistan’s population can get 3G and 4G mobile signals, respectively. According to the government, Pakistan’s cost of 1 GB of data has dropped to 0.58% of gross national income per capita.

In addition, the paper states that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Prime Minister’s Office set a goal for 51% broadband penetration by June 2022.

It is also a component of the goal that by June 2023, it should be at 55%. In July 2022, the authority, on the other hand, did well and reached 55% broadband penetration.

On the other hand, a goal of approximately 80% broadband penetration has been set for 2025 under the National Broadband Policy 2021. Furthermore, the target for broadband penetration is 90% by 2030.

But for 2025, the goal has been set at an average broadband speed of over 30Mbps. A 50% decrease in the average price per gigabyte has also been created under the aforementioned policy by the year 2025.

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